Meet Dominic Basulto.

Dominic Basulto writes about innovation for The Washington Post and foreign policy for Russia Direct. Most recently, he was a member of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics press and media operations team.

Dominic is based in New York City, where he also writes about new technological developments for Big Think's Endless Innovation blog. He is also the creator of the interactive iPad travel app White Snow/Black Sea and the author of the fictional work "After Hours at the Moscow Propaganda Club."

He was a founding member of Corante, one of the Internet's first-ever blog media companies, the Editor-in-Chief of Fortune's Business Innovation Insider and a director at a New York City digital marketing agency.

He has an MBA from Yale School of Management and an undergraduate degree in Politics and Russian Studies from Princeton. 




 Dominic Basulto in the newsroom. (credit: RBTH)

Dominic Basulto in the newsroom. (credit: RBTH)